Over Thinking & Diagnosis’s

I hate being the person who constantly thinks and examines every little detail of a conversation. The tone of voice, body language, and facial expression all have an impact; and not necessarily a good one! The brain is wired to interpret the message being perceived by the other person. The receptors and neurones relay the messages to different parts of the brain; which helps in determining how to feel or respond to that individual.

This is a disaster waiting to happen when the person perceiving the message is an over thinker. Not only does that have an impact on them, but it can also be detrimental if they have other underlying diagnoses. Thus meaning it can cause many issues in everyday life. With co-workers, friends; family, and relationships.

When someone is talking to me, it’s now instinct that I take every word they say; and strategically dissect every ounce of it! Even after the conversation I continue to think about what was discussed. Whether it be something serious or something as simple as saying “I’m not able to hang out tonight, I came down with the flu!” I would overthink it and believe that maybe they don’t want to hang out; or I did something wrong, their lying to me. You could look at me the wrong way; and I would snap, the little switch in my brain could just flip. That would be it. Overthinking, and having voices instigate a battle… that isn’t needed.

It can be exhausting, the brain never shuts off; and with the underlying diagnosis of OCD, Anxiety; Mood, and adjustment Disorders. Overthinking becomes heightened into overdrive. It can be very overwhelming!

I keep moving forward and feel like time is just running past me! As if I’m unable to stop, and enjoy the time I have here on earth! To be over analyzing every little detail of my life; and working towards coping with recent events. I’m at a stand still….. What happens next? What are the next steps to take? Is this year meant for healing? Will 2020; be the year I come back stronger than before…..?

So, many questions….Yet, very little answers…. I will just have to keep moving forward, and remember to be positive!

~It Just Clicked~

“One day it just clicks. You realize what’s important and what isn’t. You learn to care less about what other people think of you and more about what you think of yourself. You realize how far you’ve come and you remember when you thought things were such a mess that they’d never recover. And then you smile. You smile because you are truly proud of yourself and the person you’ve fought to become.” #movingforwardfromthenegativity #chasingdreams

Personal Support Worker- Mental Health

Where do I beginning? Well becoming a Personal Support Worker was never a first option for me. I initially wanted to go through to be a Registered Veternarian Tech. To go to medical school in Sydney, Australia and learn about different species. I wanted to specialize in different animals because they are so unique and to be around these amazing animals would have been my dream job!

However, that didn’t work out. I than took to caring for people. So, I thought, I can still care and interact with mammals, although, those mammals are Humans. I researched all the in and out extensively; to becoming a Registered Nurse. Sadly, due to some of my grades; I didn’t make the acceptance list. Which bummed me out, because I wanted to do something in the health care field and make a difference. Many people described me as loving, loyal, honest, caring, and a genuinely compassionate individual!

Not thinking anything of it, I applied to a retirement home to work as a health care aid. I enjoyed taking care of residents and putting there needs first. Listening to so many different stories from the past that they had to go through. Many were uplifting and others were sad. Some truly inspiring. The residents became like family, and I wouldn’t change the bonds I have with them for a million dollars. Because at the end of the day someone’s respect and dignity that the validation from the experience is worth so much more. This is where I began my journey; onto my current career path as a Personal Support Worker! After working at the retirement home I decided to make it official and apply to college. This was the start of a new adventure. A career path as a Personal Support Worker; where everyday I get to wake up and make a difference in someone else’s life.

Working in Health Care can have many pros, but had many cons to it as well. Some of the pros with working in health care, is meeting a variety of individuals and learning about their stories. Becoming apart of there family, and creating a bond. Providing companionship, and trust; while keeping there dignity intact!

Some of the cons within the health care field, is working short staffed. This is a number one leading factor to burn out; in a lot of nurses and PSWs. It leads to over exerting the body, lack of sleep, loss of patience, sickness, and mental exhaustion.

The cons are not just happening in the long term care homes, but also out in the community and in home care! With the cut backs from the government, and the current generation not wanting to work. It makes it hard in having a solid team to work in the health care field.

Despite these recurring factors; I wouldn’t change my scope of practice at all. PSWs are the front of the health care system, we advocate for the residents. PSWs, notify the nurses of any changes in moods, Behaviours, eating habits, pressure sores, and so much more!

I love my job and am proud to be a PSW 💞

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