~Enjoy Life~

Today, I felt pretty. I did up my hair and painted my face, with a few shades of colour. Looking in the mirror, I seen a reflection. A smile so wide and a twinkle in my eye. I thought to myself…..pondering a while, this is you! That girl who has been missing for so long has finally come back. The Journey is just beginning and I’m taking every step in stride. Confidence is growing, happiness is thriving and loving myself is a gift!

Never give up, keep pushing forward and always believe in yourself. This is your story, don’t let anyone else write it for you!

Most of all Enjoy every bit of Life, and make lasting memories that you’ll remember forever….

~When the Phoenix Rises~

I have no feeling 😞 it’s numb…. I try to move, however, I lie here paralyzed! Help! Can you hear my plea? My mind is a dangerous place, please don’t worry. This place I’m trapped in has punished me, it’s broke my spirit and stole my soul. Help! I can’t breathe, it feels like I am suffocating.

They’re is no explanation; this ain’t easy for you? Ya, it’s no walk in the park for me either. Throughout the years, I never spoke; because I never new how too. Reliving those painful days, the constant flash backs. The nightmares that surfaced every so often, made it challenging to find sleep. Growing paranoid and frightened, of black shadows and images in the night. The voices that spoke, became magnified!

Are these opinions, or is this my way of explaining the process to you all! There is no resentment or tediousness, being a young an vulnerable child, transformed into a teenager. Thy body was abused and no longer foreseen as a temple! Battered and beaten, my voice became silenced. It became easier to hide the damage that was done. Are you saying you’d have believed a word I’d had said? Would you have treated me any differently? The words to form in person is difficult, however, writing has become my way out. A way out of the darkness! A way at finding peace!

Oh dear, child. Please don’t cry, it’ll be alright. Those countless times your voice was silenced! Your subtle quietness never worried a soul, even with the constant battle you endured. There was no peace, just a broken little girl. Her eyes as bright as emerald green with a tinge of blue like the sea. Her heart carries a burden of many secrets, wondering lost in a wave of emotions.

Sometimes words don’t have an impact; repetition doesn’t make a difference! Communication can becomes misinterpreted. The truth uncovers isolation and abandonment shows the light of a dark childhood.

If a picture was painted; you’d never believe the sight you’d see…… My writing has became my voice, in processing these undesirable memories. I so desperately need to erase!

Possibly, one day I can physically come forward and verbally tell my story. Until then the ashes lay safely within me, awaiting for the day when the Phoenix rises, striving for peace and resilience. However, a Phoenix first must burn; In order to rise from its own ashes!

The World is At War

Does it ever feel like the world has become a different place? Do you feel the change happening around you; are you becoming more concerned as the years press on? Or have you simply placed blinders over your eyes! Just blindly hoping that all the issues arising will all go away? Can you feel the universe shifting, the world in chaos, and mankind viscously turning on each other.

The fires taking away the homes of millions of wildlife and vegetation; Fires burning homes and whipping out mass areas (The Amazon). Earthquakes, hurricanes (Dorian), tornadoes and even volcanos wrecking havoc across the world.

Diseases surfacing that have been laid to wrest hundreds of years ago. Now coming back to life 10X stronger and deadly. Vaccinations are becoming a thing of the past, people are creating fear and panic. It’s not only being created in the human world; however, even the animal kingdom/nature is being killed off. By diseases that have been managed for several year, but now culling everything in its path. Beautiful places we all love to travel and see are being demolished as we speak.

I don’t want to be just another person in a world full of hate and crime! Where did all of our Freedom go? Can you see what the world has in store for us, the billons of people on earth have been made into pawns! The world leaders are no longer fighting for a country and its people. Hell No! They are fighting for WAR, and GREED. We are no longer united as one. Our world is dying and the government adds on carbon tax and terrif’s to make it harder for anyone to live. Companies big and small are becoming obsolete. Small businesses can hardly get by, employees don’t want to work for minimum wage. The world has given us the warning signs for years, and human kind has ruined such a graceful place.

The War has begun and it’s hitting us all by storm. Soon, we as humans will be whipped out just like the dinosaurs a billion years ago! Unfortunately, it’s too late for us to heal what damage has already been caused….

The world will die and it will self destruct like a dying star in the sky; it will fall, it will crumble, and we will all perish!

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